About Attorney Chris R. Brockman

Mr. Brockman began college studying political science and philosophy, but his experiences outside the classroom would shape his career goals. After seeing classmates fall prey to unscrupulous landlords and overzealous police officers, Mr. Brockman knew he wanted to protect individuals from the same fate. He saw studying the law as the means to accomplish this endeavor.

After college, Mr. Brockman attended and graduated from University of Dayton School of Law. While attending school, Mr. Brockman focused on gaining as much practical experience as possible. He clerked for a small civil litigation firm, and later, he worked closely with criminal defense attorney on a variety of cases. During this time, Mr. Brockman learned the fundamentals of being an effective criminal defense advocate. He also won his first trial, defending himself against a baseless charge in traffic court.

Upon graduating law school, Mr. Brockman returned home to Chicago to study for the bar exam. He quickly inserted himself in the criminal defense field by joining the Chicago Bar Association’s Criminal Defense Committee as well as the Young Lawyers Section. At the same time, Mr. Brockman clerked for a prominent Chicago defense attorney while continuing to study the law.

After passing the Illinois Bar Exam, Mr. Brockman started his own practice. He started representing individuals arrested on misdemeanor and felony drug charges at local festivals. Soon, Mr. Brockman began working more controversial cases, eventually beating a felon in possession of a handgun case after a jury trial, and representing a defendant in a murder case.