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At the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we understand the residents of the Englewood neighborhood and seek to serve them in the best way possible. We offer a wide variety of legal services in the branches of Criminal Law and Civil Law.

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Criminal Law

Every day, countless people awake with the guilt of their past mistakes and the fear of what tomorrow may bring. Whether someone is charged with a simple DUI after drinking too much at a party or faces a serious case after an armed robbery, one poor choice can have a lifetime of consequences.

Here at the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we work hard to help residents get beyond their bad choices. Just because you made a mistake, it does not mean that you should be expected to pay for it forever. Chris Brockman can help you get past the legal implications of your actions so that you can move forward to a brighter tomorrow.

DUI – For many people, life isn’t complete without some social drinking. However, there can be serious consequences if you choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. If you are in need of a DUI attorney, Chris Brockman will fight to help you avoid jail time and keep your license.

Drug Possession – Illegal drug addiction is a serious problem for many people. When you team up with the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we will help you get out of the courtroom so that you can start pursuing real treatment.

Assault – Often, disagreements become heated. What starts out as a simple dispute quickly escalates. If you find yourself facing criminal charges because you got in a fight or simply acted out in anger, there is hope for you. Chris Brockman will work hard to explain your side of the story and limit your sentencing.

Terroristic Threatening – We all say things we don’t mean. However, some threats may land you in jail. If you have made unwise comments that were perceived as a threat, the law offices of Chris Brockman can help you.

Robbery – If you are being accused of taking another person’s property, you don’t have to face the fight alone. Whether you truly are guilty of the robbery or are being falsely accused, you have options and don’t have to give up your life because of one simple mistake.

These are just a few areas where the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman has helped countless residents of Englewood. Criminal Law includes any type of crimes, and Chris Brockman is ready to take on your case no matter how large or small.

Civil Law Attorney in Englewood

Civil Law

It would be amazing if everyone could get along all the time – but this is certainly not the case. Residents often find themselves the victims of other’s mistreatment or negligence. At the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we are passionate about standing up for those who have been injured or abused by others. With our wide range of Civil Law services, we are prepared to address your needs and help you find legal success.

Entertainment & Music Industry – Music law consists of the legal aspects of the music industry with regard to record labels, music publishers, merchandisers, live events, and performers/artists. It includes compilation of work formed from works, copies that are held, recordings, copyright held, and performances.

Nuisance Cases – Local neighborhoods have a lot of pleasant residents. However, there are also those neighbors that leave a lot to be desired. If you live next door to someone whose lifestyle choices are negatively affecting you, you may have a case. You may pursue legal action if your neighbors scream at each other, play loud music, or do not keep up the appearance of their property. If you live next door to a company or business, you can also choose to sue if they are making your life more difficult because they are filling the air and water sources with pollutants.

Breach of Contract – When you make an agreement with another person, you expect them to uphold up their end of the bargain. When someone breaches the contract and refuses to fulfill their part of the obligation, you can choose to move forward with legal action. Here at Chris Brockman Law, we believe in keeping promises and will help you make sure the other party lives up to their end of the deal.

Tenant/Landlord Disputes – Renting property is a great opportunity for all involved until the tenant refuses to pay, or the landlord won’t provide adequate upkeep for the property. If you’re struggling through a disagreement with a tenant or a landlord, it maybe time to go to court.

As an expert in the area of Civil Law, the offices of Chris Brockman are prepared to represent you in these and similar cases.  If you have been injured or abused by another person, you don’t have to sit back and take it. Let us help you reclaim your rights.

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Attorney Chris R. Brockman: Fighting for Your Rights

If you are facing an upcoming legal battle, don’t feel like you are alone. Here at the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we make it our mission to represent those who need legal help in the areas of Criminal Law and Civil Law. When you contact our office, we will help you to get through this difficult process while standing up for your rights and well-being.  As an experienced attorney, Chris Brockman has the skills necessary to recognize areas where you have been wronged, collect useful evidence, and fight for your rights.

A court battle doesn’t have to be the end of life as you know it. Instead, it can be the start of better things for tomorrow. If you live in Englewood and are involved in a legal case, contact our office and let us help you.


Wrongfully Accused? Looking for an Attorney?

criminal lawyer Chris BrockmanHave you been wrongfully accused of a crime? As sad as it is, many people find themselves faced with criminal charges that are unfair or completely false. Don’t suffer for a crime that you didn’t commit. Instead, let the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman help you prove your innocence before the charges affect the rest of your life.

At the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we listen to your side of the story. Rather than passing judgment or rushing to make decisions about your guilt, we believe in the old phrase, “innocent until proven guilty”. When you visit the office of Chris Brockman, our staff will go out of the way to provide you with the support you need while treating you like the valuable resident that you are. Chris Brockman will work with you by hearing your story about the crime and then looking at the evidence. Mr. Brockman will team up alongside you to look for loopholes in the defense that will help to prove your innocence or lower the legal consequences.

With years of experience as a Criminal Law expert, Chris Brockman will strive to achieve the best possible results for you in court. By collecting evidence that is in your favor, gathering witnesses to speak on your behalf, and pointing out any errors that occurred during your arrest, Chris Brockman will fight to get you the lowest sentence possible, providing the fewest long-term effects for your crime.

When you choose to contact the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, you are opting to team up with an attorney who will not only be a legal guide but also a friend. Don’t go through this trying experience alone, contact Chris Brockman today and let us help you look forward to a brighter tomorrow.