Civil Law Attorney Services

There are many times throughout your life when you need the help of an experienced civil law attorney to resolve a legal dispute. When it comes to civil matters in Chicago, Illinois, you want to work with a civil law attorney who has courtroom experience and extensive civil trial knowledge.

At the Chicago Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we represent clients in connection with all kinds of civil legal matters, including:

  • Contract litigation
  • Small business commercial litigation
  • Administrative law

Our firm puts the client first. With experience and dedication, we can help you reach a satisfactory resolution for the legal issues that you are facing. We can effectively negotiate matters or represent you in court when the need arises. We work aggressively to reach the settlement or verdict that most benefits you.

Contract Litigation – Music & Entertainment Law

Today’s fast-paced business world is demanding. The outcome of a contract dispute can significantly impact a business and its survival. At the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman, we handle contract litigation for businesses of all sizes and sophistication.

We help clients with a wide range of contract disputes and understand that they can encompass a variety of legal matters. Common sources of these disputes include contracts or contractual provisions involving:

  • Music industry disputes
  • Record label contracts
  • Services
  • Revenue provisions
  • Supplies and suppliers
  • Timeliness of delivery and quality of goods or products
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Rights of first refusal
  • Trading contracts
  • Gaming and software development
  • Shareholder issues
  • Bank and brokerage
  • Commercial notes
  • Partnerships and LLCs
  • Investments
  • Implied agreements

Our staff understands that these are serious legal matters that could have a significant impact on your business’s daily operations. We work closely with you to minimize the negative side effects of these disputes, resolving them quickly and efficiently.

Small Business Commercial Litigation

Our Chicago legal practice is committed to helping Chicago small businesses succeed by promptly addressing any legal issues they might be facing. The Law Office of Chris R. Brockman offers small business commercial litigation services to help you with the different legal challenges that you face as the owner of a small business.

Legal conflicts can interrupt your day-to-day business activities, drain your resources, and even put the future of your business at risk. We help protect your investment by aggressively working on your behalf to quickly resolve those conflicts to your satisfaction. Our focus is on you and your business, and we work to help you get the best possible outcome regardless of how simple or complex your legal matters might be.

You deserve and need knowledgeable legal representation for your small business commercial litigation matters, so call Chris R. Brockman to schedule your case evaluation today.

Administrative Law

criminal lawyer Chris BrockmanAdministrative law matters are unique legal issues that are resolved using procedures that differ significantly from other civil or criminal law cases. Administrative law cases may involve federal, state, or local regulations, and can require you to appear before an administrative agency at any level of government.

When dealing with administrative law matters, you need an attorney with experience in administrative law and procedures. The Law Office of Chris R. Brockman is skilled in the legal and procedural nuances that exist with the various government agencies, including:

  • Liquor Licensing
  • Business Licensing


If you are facing an administrative law proceeding, you can count on the Law Office of Chris R. Brockman to help you with your situation. Call today to schedule a consultation with Chris and his legal staff.

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If you have pending civil matters in Chicago, call on the law firm you can trust. Chris R. Brockman is knowledgeable in the different civil matters that you or your business might be facing. We are highly skilled in handling personal injury, contract litigation, small business commercial litigation, and administrative law matters.

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