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Criminal Law

criminal law

Facing criminal charges is no laughing matter. The system can be confusing and intimidating. If you have been arrested or are charged with a criminal offense, you need a defense attorney familiar with the system to protect your rights. A criminal conviction will have a permanent negative impact on your life. Your future is too important to trust just any attorney to represent you. It is essential to have a criminal defense attorney that listens to your needs and can advocate for you effectively. Please follow the link below for more information concerning a typical criminal case.

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Entertainment Industry & Civil Law

civil contract in court

Civil Law encompasses a variety of case types that do not involve criminal charges, but none the less entail serious repercussions. Mr. Brockman represents clients going through a variety of civil cases including entertainment industry litigation, music industry litigation, personal injury, contract litigation, small business commercial litigation, and administrative law cases. If you are going through an industry dispute, a personal dispute, have been sued, or desire to sue someone, call Mr. Brockman first to have your case analyzed over a free consultation.

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